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Title: Unidentified Text (fragments)

Creator: Unknown

Manuscript Name: Illuminated miniatures: a series of forty-nine initials from Italian manuscripts of the 14-15th century

Text lang: LAT

Locus: fol 4 r - 49 r




Note: Forty-six letters portraying human figures in various postures. The colouring is gold, blue, grey, or green, and occasionally red, and white have been added. The sizes of the initials are approx. 30 x 25; 25 x 25; 25 x 20; 20 x 20mm. All are from one MS. of 14c. The script on the verso is an Italian littera gothica textualis bononiensis. The MS. most likely contained Canon Law texts.

Resp stmt:


Summary: 4r. Initial with man leaning out of the frame and holding a fish at arms’ width. 5r. P with face inside oval. 6r. P with bust of a cleric. 7r. P with face in oval. 8r. N with friar in profile. 9r. Initial with a seated maiden, arms folded under robes, head turned sideways. lOr. P with female head in oval. 11r. P with full face in oval. 12r. Initial with the bust of a youth three-quarters facing. 13r. G with man’s head and shoulders. 14r. Initial with seated man clasping right foot with both hands. 15r. Initial deicting a kneeling figure holding sword, point uppermost. 16r. Initial portraying soldier with club and shield. 17r. P with head in oval. 18r. P with helmeted head. 19r. R with face in oval. 20r. L with head wearing a cowl. 21r. N with bust in profile. 22r. Initial with figure kneeling and arms folded. 23r. H with a figure, three-quarters facing, peering out of a window. 24r. S with full-face portrait. 25r. H with bust of a man. 26r. S with bust. 27r. Initial with bust of a man. 28r. Initial depicting naked man full face, kneeling on right knee. 29r. Initial depicting crouching man with bared buttocks. 30r. S with man’s head. 31r. T with tonsured head seen from above. 32r. P with head in profile. 33r. U with head of old man. 34r. H with head. 35r. E with man’s bust. 36r. O with full face. 37r. Initial with bust of a man. 38r. G with head seen profile. 39r. Initial containing the bust of a man. 40r. T with man’s head in profile. 41r. S with friar’s head full face. 42r. R with man’s bust in profile. 43r. T with man’s bust full face. 44r. S with head in profile. 45r. G with cardinal full face. 46r. Q with man’s head in profile. 47r. Initial depicting bust of man, full face. 48r. E with man’s bust three-quarters facing. 49r. O with similar bust.

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