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Title: I Horae (Use of Paris)


Manuscript Name: I Horae (Use of Paris)

Text lang: LATFRE

Locus: fol 1 r - 183 v ?



Incipit: 2r. fevrier; 13r. Et per illam; 183r. Qui manducat; 183v. -sire ad lucem

Note: In the Litany are the Breton saints Samson, Maclovius, Briocus, as well as names of greater significance: Martialis (Limoges), Denis, Crispin, Crispinian, Eleutherius, Lambert, Vedastus (Arras), Giles, Ivo, Leger, Leonard, Martha, Radegundis, Opportuna, and Genevieve (Paris). In gold in the Calendar are Genevieve, Ivo, Invention of Stephen (Sens), Lupus (Troyes), Giles, Eleutherius, suggesting a diocese not far from Paris, possibly Soissons.

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