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Title: Liber Praecum


Manuscript Name: Liber Praecum

Text lang: LATFRE

Locus: fol 1 r - 199 v


Explicit: 199v. Priés pour la tres pouvre et indigne religieuse elle vous en prie. Jhesus soit toujours avoecques vous. Amen.

Incipit: 2r. accidia auaritia; 9r. -nis tue memoriam; 199r. reple nos; 199v. dulci contemplatione.

Note: The explicit and the words michi peccatrici (192v.) indicate that the prayers were copied by a nun for her own or another woman’s use. The only distinctive name in the Litany is Guillermus (Aniane, Gellone) among the hermits. The memoriae of Augustinus and Nicolaus Tolentinas suggest Angustinian influence, while the rubrics and texts in the vernacular point to French provenance.

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