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Title: Horae


Manuscript Name: Horae

Text lang: LAT

Locus: fol 1 r - 212 v



Incipit: 2r. februarius; 13r. neronice ymaginem; 212r. -bilia et inuisibilia; 212v. opening words have been lost with the corner of the sheet.

Note: The Horae appear to have originated in French Flanders near the German border. The Litany includes such names as Denis, Lambert (Maastricht) Maurice, Gereon (Cologne), Trudo (Hesbaye), Hubert (Liege), Servatius (Tongres), Severinus (Cologne), Donatian (Bruges), Gertrudis (Nivelles), Nicasius, Waldburgis (Heidenheim), Ursula (Cologne), Monica. In red in the Calendar are Denis, Bavo (Ghent), Nicasius, Augustinus. The presence of Augustinus and his mother Monica in the Litany, in addition to his Translation (11 October) in the Calendar suggest Augustinian influence.

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