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Title: Breviarium


Manuscript Name: Breviarium

Text lang: LAT

Locus: fol 1 r - 311 r


Explicit: 310v. a Explicit breuiarium secundum ordinem romane curie. Deo gratias.

Incipit: 2r.a -die genui te; 11r.a uertantur; 310r.a per inuocationem; 310v.a Exaudi nos

Note: The Litany invokes Gervasius among the confessors, Onuphrius and Francis among the monks, Clara, Catherine and Scholastica among the virgins. In the Hymnal and Proprium Sanctorum are special feasts for Clara and Francis. One also finds the Office of the Translation of Francis and, as noted above, Bonaventura’s Legenda Minor for the life of the saint. The evidence points to a Breviary of Franciscan origin.

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