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Name: Webber, John

Nationality: English

Gender: male

Role: artist

Vital dates: 1752-1793

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View of a Tomb on Sea Shore
Opossum, New So(uth) Wales
Three voyages round the world, being a complete set of the plates of the three voyages
View of a Tomb
Canoe and men of Tahiti
View on Sea Shore, large tree in centre
A young woman of Otaheite, dancing
Sailing canoe of Otaheite
The body of Tee, a chief as preserved after death in Otaheite
A Man of the Sandwich Islands, Dancing.
Summer and Winter Habitations in Kamschatka [sic]
Hut and three natives of Tonga
A toopapaoo i.e. tupapa'u of a chief, with a priest making his offering to the morai, in Huoheine
An opossum of Van Diemen's Land
The Tschuktschi and Their Habitations
A night dance by Men, in Hapaee
View on the Island Oonalaska (i.e. Unalaska)
A Fiatooka, or Morai in Tongataboo.
Insulaire d'Owhyee
A Man of Nootka Sound
Canoes of the Friendly Islands
A View of Karakakooa, in Owyhee
A War canoe of New Zealand
A view of Huaheine
An Inland View, in Atooi
An Inland View in Atooi
Natives in the Interior of a Hut
A Canoe of the Sandwich Islands, The Rowers Masked
A view of Christmas Harbour in Kerguelen's Land
The Inside of a House in Oonalashka
Portrait of a New Zealander, ca. 1777 / John Webber
The inside of Hippah in New Zeeland
A view at Anamooka
The Reception of Captain Cook in Hapaee
A Night Dance by Women in Hapaee
Poulaho, King of the Friendly Islands, drinking Kava
A Fiatooka, or Morai in Tongataboo.
A Human Sacrifice in a Morai, in Otaheite
A Young Woman of Otaheite bringing a present.
A Dance in Otaheite
A Morai, in Atooi
A Woman of Nootka Sound
A View of the Habitations in Nootka Sound
The Inside of a House in Nootka Sound
A View of Snug Corner Cove, in Prince William's Sound
A Man of Prince William's Sound
A Woman of Prince William's Sound.
A Man of Oonalashka
A Woman of Oonalashka
Canoes of Oonalashka. (In very faint pencil on sketch;) Prince William's Sound
Sea Horses
Inhabitants of Norton Sound and Their Habitations
Tereoboo, King of Owyhee, bringing presents to Capt. Cook
A Man of the Sandwich Islands in a Mask
A Sledge of Kamtschatka
A View of the Town and Harbour of St Peter and St Paul in Kamtschatka
Red-tailed tropic bird
A Deer of Princes Island, Sunda Strait
Inside of a Winter Habitation in Kamchatka
Kamschatka (i.e. Kamchatka) Winter Habitation
Portrait of Captain John Gore Jn. Webber Pinx.
Copy of the aquatint A View in the Island of Poulo after John Webber
Copy of the etching View in the Island of Cracatoa, after John Webber
Canoe of Otahiete (i.e. Tahiti)
Sea Otter
Boats of the Friendly Isles
The Inside of the House, in the Morai, in Atooi
Plantain Tree, in the Island of Cracatoa (i.e. Krakatoa) (by) Webber
Portrait of Captain James King, Commander of Discovery during Cook's Third Voyage (by) J. Webber Del.
A View of Otaheite Peha
View in Ulietea (by) J. Webber
A view of the inside of a house in the house in the island of Ulietea

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