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A View of Sydney Cove. [picture]
Charles Frederick, ca. 1780 - watercolour on ivory miniature
Alex[ander] McCrae Esqre Mordaunt Estate Island of Jamaica May 8th 1798
Landscape with a roadside church on the outskirts of a city
Galathea sea nymph (Galathea or Bacchanalian figures)
St John the Evangelist
Henri de Saules de Freycinet / pastel portrait
Adam's repentance
A wild Dog or Dingo of N. S. Wales
Colonel James Erskine, ca. 1785-1795/ watercolour on ivory miniature
Captn James Cook F.R.S. - [watercolour on ivory miniature]
Captain / James Cook / 17 Born 27 / Murdered / On St. Valentines Day / At / Owhyee. / 1779 [watercolour on ivory miniature, ca. 1780]
Persoonia [oblongarta?]
Jane Jarvis, ca. 1793 - miniature portrait
The Cumberland Tree
Aboriginal family fishing, ca. 1790
Parrot from the Mountains of New Holland [crimson rosellas]
Sarah Lawson, late 1790's - watercolour on ivory miniature
Drawings / Album of watercolour drawings of Australian natural history, owned by Robert Anderson Seton, ca. 1800
William Cox Senior, ca. 1797 - 1798 miniature portrait
Silhouette of Yemmerawanie
Virgin Mary
Hugh Cook, ca. 1776- portrait
John Blaxland Senior [ca. 1797- miniature portrait]
Natural size. December / Natural size / This tree grows to a large size and the wood is excellent for Boats...[Ceratopetalum gummiferum : Christmas Bush]
May / Natural size / Natural size / This Plant grows about 4 or 5 feet height and generally found in dry sandy soil [Styphelia tubiflora]
John Louis de Marquet, ca. 1770- watercolour on ivory miniature
Vice-Admiral Samuel Reeve, ca. 1796 miniature portrait
John Blaxland Gent./ Newington Kent England/ & Newington Parramatta/ N.S. Wales- watercolour on ivory miniature
Madonna dell'Umilita (Madonna of Humility)
Drawing of birds chiefly from Australia, 1791-1792
Processional cross
St Barbara
Royal Doors

MS Items by creator:
Liber Obsequialis (Use of Constance)
Psalterium ? (fragment)
Antiphonarium (fragment)
Unidentified Text (fragments)
Antiphonarium (fragment)
Regula Fratrum Minorum
Tract on the Trinity
Impedimenta paenitentiae